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In most markets, 15% of all real estate listings include a swimming pool and 50% or more of homebuyers are open to owning a home with a swimming pool. With 70,000 new pools built every year in the United States and an estimated 5.3 million homes with pools in the ground, becoming a PoolFax™ Certified Home Inspector is a great way to increase your business income.

PoolFax™ is the only national branded pool assessment program that seeks to help you grow your business.

How You Make Money

As a PoolFax home inspector, you can make up to 25% more on home inspections you’re already doing with inground pools. PoolFax offers you two immediate ways to make more revenue from trips you’re already making.

  1. Score the pool. Fast, simple and extremely value to your Realtors and homeowners. Generates an additional $50 in service fees.
  2. Inspect the pool. Spend a little more time gathering information for us to generate the report, and create an average of $200 in service fees.

How It Works

All the home inspector has to do is fill out an online form and upload pictures. PoolFax does the analysis and will forward PDF documents that the inspector can provide to the client. The turnaround time is typically one day.

Being a PoolFax Home Inspector is easy. Making money by providing PoolFax scoring and inspections is easier.

Have a discussion now with a PoolFax manager who can explain the process and answer your questions.

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Who needs a PoolFax Certified Inspector & why?

The core market for PoolFax™ home inspectors revolves around real estate transactions – when homes are bought and sold.  The problem: no one in the traditional buy/sell process knows enough about the critical pool components for greater homeownership confidence. In addition, there is a growing opportunity for PoolFax certified home inspectors to expand their business by offering valuable, but simple pool assessments (PF Classification & QScore), or even advanced PoolFax certified inspections, to homeowners considering a pool remodel.

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Home Inspection Report

Enter PoolFax™

The PoolFax™ Certified Inspection removes fear and doubt. Here is what our reports provide:

1.    A multi-page report about the condition of the pool
2.    A current market classification rating with a “Quality of Ownership” (QScore)
3.    Recommendations on improving classification or to forestall pending repairs
4.    Assessments on a pool’s eligibility for any extended warranty programs available

Believe it or not, nothing like PoolFax™ currently exists, and the market and need is immense.

Anyone involved in the purchase or sale of a residential property with an in ground swimming pool can order a Certified PoolFax™ Inspection: real estate agents, home appraisers, home owners, home buyers, banks and mortgage lenders.

  1. They submit an order through the PoolFax™web site which gets routed to the closest network inspector, or inspector of record
  2. They find the PoolFax™ inspector online. PoolFax™ helps new inspectors with an  initial online marketing package to become found.
  3. Realtor search of the PoolFax™ database for historical reports.

The PoolFax Report™

As a PoolFax™ Certified Inspector, you’ll be providing the PoolFax™ Report on a pool. The PoolFax™ Report features historical data on the pool, its pool classification & “Quality of Ownership” score (QScore), inspection findings and recommendations. These reports will be retained in your name within the PoolFax™ database for historical review by real estate professionals.

Become a PoolFax Certified Inspector

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