Are you contemplating installing a brand-new pool? Is the thought of spending hours cleaning dirt and algae holding you back? If so, then consider purchasing an in-floor cleaning system.

What Is an In-Floor Pool Cleaning System?

An in-floor pool cleaning system is an automatic, integrated cleaning system that’s built into the bottom of your pool during the construction process. Most in-floor pool cleaning systems consist of a pump, pop-up rotating heads similar to a sprinkler system, a leaf canister for higher volume debris collection, and a main pool drain with greater capacity for debris intake.

When activated, rotating heads emerge from the bottom of the pool and begin spraying water. This pressurized spray removes debris, dirt and algae from the pool’s surfaces. As water circulates through the filter, it removes the contaminants from the pool, which leaves you with crystal-clear swimming water.

Comparing Pool Cleaning Systems

In-floor pool cleaning systems require the least amount of manual labor, but they’re also one of the more expensive options. Likewise, if not properly installed, in-floor pool cleaning systems might not clean effectively or efficiently.

If you’re willing to put in some elbow grease, other pool cleaning methods include:

Pressure side cleaner

A pressure side cleaner uses a booster pump to jet water through the cleaner and collect debris. While a pressure cleaner is a good bet for catching large debris, it can struggle to collect the same kind of smaller sticky dirt and debris that an in-floor pool cleaning system can.

Robot cleaner

Robot pool cleaners are electric-powered machines that crawl around the bottom and sides of your pool, collecting debris and removing dirt and algae. Once submerged and powered on, a robotic pool cleaner will automatically do its job. However, you’re still required to deploy the robot, monitor it while it’s cleaning and remove it from the pool when it’s done.

Suction cleaner

A suction cleaner uses the power from your pool’s filtration pump to skim away debris in the pool. Like an air filter for liquids, a suction cleaner takes in water and screens out debris like leaves and sand.  Suction cleaners depend on the power of your pool filter, so if its horsepower is low, you won’t be able to effectively screen out most of the debris. Moreover, suction cleaners can struggle to filter out very large or very small debris.

Hand-held vacuum

Like a vacuum you’d use to clean carpets in your home, a hand-held pool vacuum has a suction device attached to a long telescopic pole. You manually push the vacuum across the bottom and up the sides of your pool to suck up dirt and other buildup.

Why Choose an In-Floor Cleaning System?

If you’re building a new pool, consider investing in an in-floor cleaning system. These advanced cleaning systems offer unique benefits over their counterparts, including:

  • Automatic cleaning. You don’t have to remember to clean the pool or take time out of the day to manually run a vacuum. In-floor cleaning systems do all the work and remembering for you.
  • No equipment. Since an in-floor cleaning system is installed inside the pool, you don’t have to worry about equipment, hoses or cords cluttering your relaxing pool area.
  • Improved water circulation. While an in-floor cleaning system is designed to move debris around the pool using pop up jets, it also circulates the water, ensuring even temperature and chemical distribution.
  • Virtually invisible. Since an in-floor pool system employs jets that are flush with the pool surface, you hardly notice them.


QScore is an algorithm-based number providing a standardized “quality of ownership score” for in-ground pools based on its fundamental characteristics and PF Classification rating. The score assumes that equipment and materials were installed, operated and maintained per manufacturer standards. The QScore starts at 0 and has a defined minimum, maximum and average within each PF Classification. When properly installed and maintained, an in-floor pool cleaning system can help raise your overall QScore—even an entire point when combined with other less expensive upgrades.

You can calculate your current QScore in minutes using our free assessment tool!

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