Fairway Loans Come with ‘Pool Peace of Mind’


So you’re buying a home with a pool? Sweet! But you know what’s even sweeter? Someone who’s got your back.

That’s Fairway!

When you get a loan through Fairway on your new pool home, they’ll make sure you’re set up for success! Only Fairway Mortgage offers these complimentary services that immediately help you with your new pool.

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The PoolStar Platinum Plan

Beginning day one, the plan ensures that you have help navigating your pool for one full year:

  • How to clean it.
  • How to maintain it.
  • How to handle repairs.
  • Plus! You’ll get a discount on any new pool equipment you may need.
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The PoolFax report

This report scores your pool and shows you how to improve the quality of ownership. Because when you’ve got all the facts, your pool is even more enjoyable!

Closing Table Gifts From Fairway!

When using Fairway for your mortgage needs
(For sellers, buyers or refinancing)

We will see you at closing!

Complimentary Poolfax™ Assessment
Complimentary Poolstar® Platinum Program