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It is estimated there are 5.3 million homes with pools nationally and approximately 70,000 new pools built every year. Whether selling a home with a pool, considering buying a home with a pool, or buying a home with the potential for adding a pool later, you have to work with a more prepared real estate professional.  It just makes sense that working with a Realtor® certified in homes with swimming pools will provide you the greatest confidence in your decision.

PoolFax™ Certified Realtors® are one-of-a-kind professionals with only one thing in mind: “It is a pool for life” for that home and anyone who owns the home.

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Ask Your Realtor About A Certified PoolFax™ Inspection Report

Most pool home purchasers get a home inspection but not a pool inspection. And even those who pay for a pool inspection don’t get the detail they deserve like they would from a PoolFax certified home inspector.

Home Inspection Report
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Your PoolFax™ Certified Realtor will know what to look for, will have the special tools and resources to answer your questions and can get you an inspection which could save you thousands in your home purchase.
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PoolFax is the only service providing a 12-point, written report and pool classification rating with “Quality of Ownership” score (QScore)

  •         Pool stats: age, manufacturer, pool size, pool depth, materials used in construction (such as poured cement, fiberglass, or vinyl)
  •         Check filters, pumps and heaters are in good working order
  •         Inspection of plumbing and electrical equipment
  •         Inspection of decking and hardscape surfaces
  •        Recommendations for maintenance and any “Quality of Ownership” improvements