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Automated Analysis Report $49.95

The PoolFax™ Assessment is our automated Classification and Quality of Ownership Score (QScore), available free to the public for establishing a pool’s basic market ratings.

The PoolFax™ Analysis is our premium advanced Report, offering a complete, standardized pool evaluation which includes recommendations for Quality of Ownership improvement, and the estimated cost of these improvements or repairs if the report is being used as a residential pool inspection.  PoolFax™ Analysis reports are very helpful even with projects currently under construction and at time of initial project design before starting construction.

PF Classification

The PF Classification is an alphabetic designation for the various types of pools in the market, which are currently accounted for within our proprietary QSCORE algorithm.  The current PF Classification scale designations are “A through D.”  PF Classification is not representative of the current condition or quality of installation. The current condition or quality of installation would be identified through a PoolFax™ Certified Inspection, or independent pool inspection service.

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QSCORE is a proprietary algorithm based number providing a standardized “quality of ownership score” for all pools that fall within the current PF Classification scale, based on its fundamental characteristics. The score assumes that equipment and materials were installed and operated/maintained per manufacturer standards. The QSCORE ranges between 1 to 5 and offers comparable averages by market (development, community, township or city).

PF Classification Designators

PF Class A: Gunite in-ground pools

PF Class B: Vinyl Liner, in-ground pools

PF Class C: Fiberglass, in ground pools

PF Class D: Above ground liner pools


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