Find the value of your pool in 90 seconds!

If you’re buying, selling or own a property with a pool, you should know what that pool is worth. The value of a pool isn’t based on condition, it comes from certain key features that increase Quality of Ownership. A pool’s value can affect a property’s selling price.

How does your pool measure up? Find out for FREE in about 90 seconds! Tell us and get a free Pool Class and Quality of Ownership Score (QScore).

Step 1 (of 3)

Does your pool have any "safety barriers"?

Does your pool have any of these?

What type of pool do you have?

What finish does your pool have?

Does the pool have an overflow?

Pool has a built-in grated vent just above the ideal water level to allow excess water to drain out of the pool. Pools without an overflow typically require you to drain the pool with the filter pump and backwashing or bypassing the filter.

Does the pool have a safety cover?

A custom made and professionally installed pool cover rated to sustain human weight if walked on.

Is there decking around the pool?

The surface surrounding the pool other than natural or artificial turf.

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What kind of pump do you have? (If in doubt, choose single)

Primary pump that circulates the pool water

What size plumbing connects to the pump? (If in doubt, choose 2 inch)

Plumbing size may be indicated on the PVC pipe or measured with a tape measure.

What kind of filtration do you have? (If in doubt, choose sand)

This is the device that removes debris from the water before returning the water to the pool. The label on the device usually indicates type.

Do you have any pool heaters or chillers?

How do you keep your pool clean? (If you add chemicals into your pool, choose no chlorine feeder)

The means by which the water is sanitized after filtration. Most common is through the use of Chlorine.

What kind of automatic or robotic pool cleaner do you have?

Step 3 (of 3)

Do you have any exposed wiring? (If no or in doubt, choose Connection Integrity)

Do you have pool automation equipment and/or an app to control the pool equipment? (If in doubt, choose on/off switch)

The means by which you operate and control the pool equipment.

Do you have any decorative features working with the pool? (Check all that apply)

What kind of in-pool lighting do you have? (Check all that apply)

Does your pool have a water auto-fill system?

Installed system that automatically fills the pool as the water level drops below the sensor level. Without auto fill, you use a garden hose or manual pool side fill line to add water to the pool.